Ross Pimlott, Freelance Specialist Documentary and Location Cameraman

Location DOP / Freelance Lighting Cameraman

Sony FX9 –  Sony F5 – Phantom Flex 4K – Canon CN7 – Canon Cine Primes

PfCO Drone Pilot – Eye Direct Specialist and Owner.

Ross Pimlott 2018 Showreel

About Ross

Freelance Location Cameraman – Manchester and London based

Ross is an accomplished Freelance Cameraman/DOP specialising in adventure, travel and documentary. Ross has an extensive all round knowledge of high end digital video formats, with recent credits including Sky’s David Attenborough “Conquest of the Skies,” BBC Horizon, ITV Long Lost Family, and the UP Series.

Ross owns both Sony FX9 and Sony F5, Phantom Flex 4K, Canon CN7 and Cine Primes, as well as DJI Ronin, DJI Mavic 2 PRO drone, track and dolly, full lighting kit, location tracking boat and 4×4 VW crew vehicle.

Having worked on a variety of productions as a Freelance Cameraman from primetime television to features and commercials, Ross can deliver a friendly and professional service to any production.